A Little About Us

We are a milkshake parlour new to Cardiff, located in St David's Dewi Sant shopping centre within the Capital!


We offer a variety of milkshakes to suit everyones cravings and best of all, they can be consumed by everyone! We only use vegan products within the making of our milkshakes allowing them to be a healthier alternative to your regular milkshake.


Due to our strong feelings towards the MS Trust community, we ended up being inspired to create milkshakes that were suitable for any dietary plan. Many Multiple Sclerosis patients are on strict diets disabling them to enjoy a milkshake due to the common use of cow's milk, this is one of the reasons why we decided to only produce our milkshakes with vegan products to allow everyone to drink. From our profits made from selling our amazing milkshakes, you help fund for increased research on the disease and allow advanced treatments to be made.


We also believe in keeping the Welsh heritage alive so by buying our milkshakes you not only raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis but also allow the Welsh heritage to grow within our community.







Discover an array of Milkshakes that will blow your mind!


Indulge in exquisite Twisted Shakes delights especially created for your specific dietary needs, a healthy alternative to traditional milkshakes.


Our delicious milkshakes will leave you craving for your next visit.


"What ever your flavour we guarantee you will savour our Twisted Shakes"!

Local Parking


Easy access to a number of

local car parks

within the city centre.

Central Location


We are Located in

Cardiff St Davids

Shopping Centre

Opening Times


We will be open and ready for you starting 1st of May till the 1st of November!


Our Opening Times


Monday 9:30am-8pm

Tuesday 9:30am-8pm

Wednesday 9:30am-8pm

Thursday 9:30am-8pm

Friday 9:30am-8pm

Saturday 9:30am-7pm

Sunday 11am-5pm


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Our Address

St Davids Dewi Sant,

Cardiff - 4 St. David's Way

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